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The leading digital marketing and analytics platform in the foodservice industry.

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Why Choose Meal Ticket

We work with Foodservice Manufacturers and Distributors to deliver an integrated software platform that enhances lead management generation, strengthens both supplier and customer relationships, and increases case sales & penetration through data-driven decisions.

Easy, Intuitive, Versatile

Easy access to in-depth sales data and the ability to leverage this information into actionable sales strategies.

Meal Ticket is a leader

With over eight years of experience we have established ourselves as a leader in data analytics and digital marketing solutions for the foodservice industry.

$767k in New Sales

Distributors that use Meal Ticket generate an average of $767k in new sales per distribution center annually.

Customers love Meal Ticket

  • “Meal Ticket has given me the power to access a variety of sales reports (global and granular) while providing our Marketing Department the tools to run innovative & customized promotions along with trade show management resources that have revolutionized how we go to market.”
    — J. Kyle Cottengim
    Vice President of Sales, Performance Food Service
  • “Meal Ticket Prime helps you focus not just on the result, but you’re focused on being supportive of the people out trying to make the results happen. That’s what’s exciting. The tool works.”
    — Craig Jordison
    COO, Scavuzzo's Foodservice
  • “I would highly recommend Meal Ticket to anyone wanting fast data and to ease up their post-show/post-promotion reporting.”
    — Jeff Newman
    Marketing Manager, MJ Kellner Foodservice
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INSIGHTS Solutions

Simplify sales data analysis with Meal Ticket's configurable reporting suite. Quickly see results for your items by product, customer, sales rep hierarchy, category or distributor to improve targeted sales initiatives and increase revenue.

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IMPACT Marketing Solutions

Effective marketing tools create more profitable and loyal customers. Make Meal Ticket your Impact Marketing tool to drive sales, create and analyze marketing campaigns and increase customer interaction.

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CRM Solutions

Drive more sales with Meal Ticket's effective lead and account management system. Identify purchasing pain points and buying opportunities from integrated sales data as well as maintain your own leads' detailed information that will help you convert prospects into sales.

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EVENT Solutions

Turn your Trade Show into an integrated business-building experience. Using Meal Ticket EVENTS in conjunction with your own dedicated Customer Experience Coordinator, you can easily oversee vendor allowance management, showbook creation, customer invitations, and more. Our application provides accessible information and ease of use to ensure event planning doesn't overtake progress in your daily strategic marketing & sales efforts.

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“Flowers Bakeries has used Meal Ticket to help us grow our business since the initial offering. We hired a full-time analyst to mine the data (MT has been very helpful in training) and to look for opportunities for us to grow our business. My favorite part has been having the ability to see voids in our product offering at OPCO and national level and to see where our business is affected by small, regional players. We have been able to go to the OPCO and convert this business to branded sales."
--Dan Adkins
Vice President of Distributor Sales, Flowers Bakeries Foodservice

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