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How to Make Contact Tracing Mandates Help you Build Stronger Relationships with your Customers:

by T. Gable

Contact Tracing mandates can feel like busywork in a time of chaos and uncertainty, especially when the idea of keeping a contact log for all your business interactions can seem cumbersome. However, with the right tweaks to the logging process, your efforts to keep restaurants operational can also help solidify stronger relationships with your Customers.

By doing this, not only will you successfully help your Customers stay open, you will also have the added benefit of simultaneously enhancing your business relationships.

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Virtual Promotions: A New Approach to Replacing Traditional In-Person Shows with Extended Virtual Events

by T. Gable

In this current climate, with ever-changing regulations and standards, past approaches to Trade Shows are proving to be ineffective when making a 1:1 transition to a Virtual Event. What we’ve seen work successfully over the past few months is a shift in approach to Trade Shows altogether.

Where previous events could happen over just a few hours, Virtual Events are more impactful when run over a few weeks. Rather than doing one or two huge events each year, it can be helpful to have several smaller, Virtual Promotions spread throughout the year.

An elongated event may sound daunting at the onset, but with the right coordination between your key players, a more targeted approach to the items showcased, and a few changes to your Trade Show strategies, you will turn your Virtual Event into the sales-boosting experience you need.

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How to Foster an Interactive Food Show Experience for your Customers, Virtually.

by T. Gable

With the shift in societal norms to accommodate health and safety precautions, many in the Foodservice industry are at a loss for how to successfully replace recurring in person large gatherings in the form of Food Shows. The absence of physical Food Shows can feel like a massive missed opportunity to interface with your Customers and showcase your items on a large scale. This is where a switch to hosting a Virtual Food Show can help facilitate the vital networking opportunities needed from a physical show.

With a few tweaks to your tactics you can enrich your Customer experience with strategic items, new items, and targeted items within a digital experience. With the absence of smells and conversations to influence your Customers, it is important to provide them with visually stimulating information. This can come in the form of celebrity chef cooking videos, recipe ideas, plating images, and nutritional facts. Giving varied and appealing information for your targeted and new items can ensure your Customers pay attention to the items that matter most.

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Adjusting Your Business Strategies to Make Personal Connections in a Virtual World

by T. Gable

In the Foodservice world, so much of your success is built around establishing trust and rapport as the foundation for successful partnerships with your Customer-base. In this new normal, where there is a widespread shutdown of opportunities for face-to-face networking, it can be challenging to figure out how to still make and foster personal connections.

Making a few tweaks to your approach can go a long way in establishing a meaningful rapport with your Customers. Where in-person visits and Food Shows were the perfect vehicle for your Customers to interact with you and your products previously, now is the time to lean in to different virtual strategies. One important key to success in adapting is to ensure you are using data to drive your conversations and marketing initiatives. This helps you come from a place of expertise when reaching out for those personalized interactions.

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How to Use Business Intelligence to Build Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

by T. Gable

When reaching out to your Customers digitally, it’s important to frame the content relevance in a light that will not only incite interest, but ensure your message doesn’t end up unread or logged as spam. This is where the use of business intelligence can become your secret ingredient to successful outreach.

Your biggest successes will come from changing your marketing strategy to match the purchasing behavior of your different types of targeted Customers. Once you have identified the common trends, you can start to frame different marketing strategies for your different Customer types. For instance, if there is a group of locations that haven’t bought your targeted products, build content around recipe ideas with compelling plating images. For your Customers that are purchasing a competitive product, highlight how the preferred products outshine their competitors and hook them with a purchase discount.

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How to Run Successful Virtual Meetings to Engage with Your Customers

by T. Gable

With a large shift to virtual, rather than face-to-face meetings, the content of your meetings is more important than ever. To help foster a personal connection, it is important to make sure that you include a video component in your meetings with your Customers. This, in addition to personalized statistics, suggestions, and strategies, can go a long way to show your Customers they have your undivided attention and they are an important and personal priority.

Taking a consultative approach to your meetings with your Customers can provide much needed direction and assurance in the midst of changing landscape. In an unprecedented time of so much uncertainty and continuously changing societal behaviors and trends, many restaurants are seeking out advice on best practises and strategies.This is where you can come in and leverage data trends and insights to become a partner in their ongoing success.

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