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See the whole story with INSIGHTS

Convert sales, marketing, and category data into valuable insights that will help you compete and grow your business.


Track case sales and marketing statistics on your products and customers.


Identify sales opportunities by analyzing customers' purchase history and buying behavior.


INSIGHTS provides visibility into vital business metrics allowing customers to align sales and marketing strategies with confidence.


Increase revenue by detecting trends early, optimizing pricing strategies, and analyzing ROI via promotion tracking.

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INSIGHTS Lead Generation

Generate leads from sales data -- giving you account name, address, sales rep, segment, and other useful information that will help you turn these prospects into new sales and account penetration.

Conversions and Penetration

Find operators buying competing products, see how much of it they're buying, and gain insights into which sales teams would be most strategic to partner with to obtain the business.

Product Voids

Search operator sales for product gaps: Find operators buying ketchup, but not buying mustard. Get sales metrics to further qualify your list based on buying volume, segment, and customer type.

Key Segments

Target key segments buying, or not buying, your products. If you don't know what segments are most likely to buy, use the product analytics available on Meal Ticket's SKU Report to find out.

“Meal Ticket has been a significant tool that we’ve used at Performance Foodservice Nashville to grow our sales, cases, and profitability. The prospecting piece is very helpful, but the component that we’ve found most powerful is the ability to create custom reporting to accomplish our NLP goals. We’ve seen our penetration, lines per drop, and new cases grow by utilizing Meal Ticket as the tool for our targeted growth program. We find that our vendor and manufacture partners are also more engaged and now feel that they're getting more return on their investment from our sales team.”
--Brian Brown
Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Performance Foodservice - Nashville

INSIGHTS Reporting

Directly access and easily analyze the data you need to build your business strategies.


Visually track and asses KPIs to monitor your business health with useful metrics such as year-over-year sales comparison, Sales Team performance, top products, and IMPACT promotions' effectiveness.

Configurable Reporting

Pull reports the way you want to see them with our easy-to-use filters and multifaceted display options.


Integrated analytics allow for you to easily identify meaningful trends and better understand your market share and the competitive landscape.

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Increase Revenue

Analyze distributor sales data on your items by division, category, sales rep, and account to improve targeted sales initiatives and increase revenue.

  • Detect trends early.
  • Optimize pricing strategies.
  • Summarize large amounts of data into meaningful information.
  • Analyze ROI via promotion tracking.

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